How to Apply

To apply to be a CFLGSD Member, you will first need to download the Membership Application , then follow the instruction below:

Member Application

Download the Member Application by clicking the button below:


Submitting Your Membership Application

There are no fees to submit your Membership Application. You can find the Membership Form above.

Once completed, submit a copy along with your CV or Resume and evidence of professional insurance to Debbe White, administrator:

Any professional meeting the minimum qualifications should fill out a Membership Application and submit it to the Membership Committee, including CV or Resume and evidence of professional insurance.

The Membership Committee Chair or Co-Chair will obtain a recommendation on membership from the applicant’s professional peer group.

The Membership Committee Chair or Co-Chair will provide all applicant information and a Notice of Recommendation for or against acceptance to the general voting members in good standing. If no members object or request debate within 15 days of receiving the information, the applicant is accepted immediate as a General Member.

If any current General Member in good standing objects to the recommendation or requests a debate, the Bylaws provide the process for conducting a hearing and discussion at the next general meeting. See the Bylaws under 2.03 (d) for a full description of this process.