Divorce Mediation: What are the Benefits?


Using divorce mediation permits couples to settle their differences instead of fighting like kids while avoiding litigation in a court of law.

There are several benefits to divorce mediation.

Below we list a few:

  • divorce-mediation-settle-issues-collabPeaceful: Just because the couple makes a decision to dissolve a marriage does not mean the divorce must become a battlefield. Divorce mediators assist both parties in attacking issues, not one another – concentrating on respectful discussions and finding solutions and agreements benefitting both spouses, as well as their family.
  • Equitable and Fair: While no one usually feels divorce is “fair”. Settlement terms are negotiated and agreed to both spouses. A single spouse can’t be a victor at the expense of the other as all resolutions have to come from the process of mediation with a divorce settlement acceptable to and created by both parties.
  • More affordable: Divorce mediation will cost a fraction of an attorney-driven divorce.
  • Better for the Kids: Children are not caught in the middle of a litigated divorce. Parents, instead, collaborate together to solve their problems with the kid’s best interests in mind. Non-adversarial approaches foster more agreement and improve parenting plans and co-parenting relationship.
  • Best for Results: Couples mediating are more satisfied with their results. Research has shown that spousal and child support payments are more than likely to be paid because they were mutually agreed on.
  • Dignified: Rather than the traditional, cold process of divorce through the court system in which a couple is treated like a docket number or case file, mediation is a more humane, kinder process. Divorce mediators allow both parties to dissolve their marriage while keeping their dignity and self-respect.
  • Confidential and Private: In a litigated divorce, everything that is submitted to the court is part of the public record, whereby in a mediation appointment, everything is confidential and private. No one has to know what is being talked about except the spouses and the divorce mediator.
  • Quicker: The process’ pace is controlled by both parties, rather than being at the mercy of attorneys’ or judge’s schedule.

You and your kids are going to benefit when you pick divorce mediation – without attorneys.

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