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CoParenting: What You Should Know – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, March 2

CoParenting: What You Should Know - Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego - Divorce, Divorce Workshop, Collaborative Divorce, CoParenting
When children are involved in a divorce there are many steps that need to be taken and many questions that need to be answered.   How do we tell the kids? How do we get through this without tearing the family apart? What is “nesting”? Join us March 2, at 9 a.m. to get the answers to these questions and many… Read More

Valentine’s Day During Divorce

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to experience and share love.  But what if you’re thinking about divorce, in the middle of divorce, or recently divorced?  What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? You might be uncertain of how you feel and that’s OK.  It might be just another day, memories – good or bad – might arise, or it might… Read More

Do I Have to Leave or Sell the House When We Divorce?

By Lynn Waldman and Shawn Skillin Many clients ask us if they have to leave or sell their home when they get a divorce. The answer is not always clear! It’s complicated, so there are many factors that we consider when we are advising our clients how to handle the family home. Here are a few questions and thoughts we… Read More

What You Should Know About Alimony – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, February 2

What You Should Know About Alimony - Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego - Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, Alimony
When going through a divorce there are many questions that may come up regarding alimony.   What determines your alimony payment?   My friend gets _____ for support, why isn’t mine that much? How long must alimony be paid? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you join us for our next Divorce Options Workshop, February 2. Learn more… Read More

Divorce Mediation: What are the Benefits?

Using divorce mediation permits couples to settle their differences instead of fighting like kids while avoiding litigation in a court of law. There are several benefits to divorce mediation. Below we list a few: Peaceful: Just because the couple makes a decision to dissolve a marriage does not mean the divorce must become a battlefield. Divorce mediators assist both parties… Read More

How to Gain Clarity During the Divorce Process

Experts note stress levels experienced during a divorce are equal to experiencing other significant losses, such as a death in the family.  It is, after all, the loss of a marriage. A marriage that once had a vision of a future that had hopes and dreams. It is an uncomfortable time, full of anxiety. Anxiety over the unknown.  Where will… Read More

Loveless Marriage – I just can’t do it anymore, what should I do?

When you come to a place with your spouse where love no longer exists, it’s time to begin considering dissolving your relationship. Here are some questions we like to ask our clients when we first meet with them: Do you feel like all the love, care and affection your spouse showed in the past is now completely gone? Do you… Read More

Want to Know the Secret to a Successful Divorce? Hire a Divorce Coach

While your marriage may not have worked out, you have choices about how you divorce. While divorce can be extremely stressful, emotionally difficult and a life changer, there are ways to get through it with your dignity intact, even with your family intact. Most people probably do not think of divorce in terms of being a ‘success’ and may wonder,… Read More