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Relationships are at the crux of family law settlements, Wall Street Journal - April 1, 2013
There is a saying that “a bad settlement beats a good trial.” My theory is that a good settlement trumps everything.
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Collaborative divorce offers options to court battles, USA Today - March 21, 2013
Collaboration offers advantages over conventional litigated divorce.
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Low Cost Divorce, Barron’s - February 23, 2013
Many wealthy couples opt for quicker, quieter, cheaper, out-of-court divorces that protect their assets; afford them more control over the process and outcome; allow for more creative, tailor-made solutions; and cost much less than what a court settlement would wind up costing.
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Top Five Reasons to Divorce Collaboratively After Age 50, Patch.com - April 15, 2011
It’s never an easy decision to end a marriage. But if you find you’ve made the tough choice to divorce, it’s important to do so collaboratively, rather than go through litigation, especially if you are a Baby Boomer over age 50. Here are the top five reasons to do so.
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Can Your Divorce Be Collaborative? Chicago Tribune - July 10, 2010
Here are some tips to making choices that will benefit your children during a divorce.
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Divorce with Dignity: How Much Does It Really Have to Cost? Oprah Magazine - October 2008
Fianancial advisor Suze Orman writes: “I'd love it if more couples could divorce with dignity. Sound crazy? It's anything but: A growing number of people are using what's called collaborative divorce.”
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How to get a Divorce YOUTUBE Video - authors: Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County (CDSOC)

PDF Articles

Enlightened Divorce: The Collaborative Approach to Family Law
by Shari Delisle, Ph.D. Marriage and Family Therapist, Sandra Popescu, CPA, CVA and CFF, Financial Specialist and Delene St. John, Family Law Attorney

Collaborative Divorce: Some New Roles for Psychologists author, Daniel B. Pickar, PhD, ABPP (PDF)

Employee Stock Option Division in Divorce: Valuation, Tax and Risk Considerations author, Thea Glazer (PDF)

A Better Way, An interview with THE GOOD DIVORCE author, Constance Ahrons (PDF)

Collaborative Divorce Booms as Method to Ease the Parting (PDF)

Prenuptial Agreement (PDF)

Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) (PDF)

Sale of the Family Residence in a Dissolution Proceeding (PDF)

A Recovering Litigator's Story (PDF)