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"You can't change the fact that people divorce,
you can change the way they divorce."

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is an Alternative Dispute Resolution process that strives to preserve the emotional and financial resources of the family while achieving an agreement that considers and respects the welfare of everyone in the family. The collaborative divorce model provides divorcing parties the opportunity to problem solve in a private, confidential setting, with the help of their experts, to reach a creative settlement that meets the needs of their family.

What Makes a Divorce Collaborative?

In the Collaborative Divorce process, the divorcing couple sign a legal stipulation agreeing that they will not go to court to resolve their differences. The couple works with a Collaborative Divorce team which helps and guides them through their divorce. Each party is represented by a collaboratively trained family law attorney and may also be supported by other collaboratively trained professionals such as divorce coaches, financial specialists, family law mediators and child and family specialists. The number of collaboratively trained professionals included on a team depends on the level of cooperation between the parties, their willingness and ability to commit to a healthy divorce, and the complexity (emotional and financial) of the case.

More About Collaborative Divorce...

In Collaborative Divorce, the combativeness of litigation is replaced by a cooperative process that gives families resources and options unavailable in traditional divorce models. The Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego (CFLG) has been serving families since 2001 and consists of family law attorneys, mental health professionals and financial experts trained in Collaborative Divorce. All members of CFLG are skilled in helping clients achieve a divorce that serves the unique needs of each family.